Vacuum Evaporators and Concentrators (Malaysia) High performance and lower consumption

We are specialized in designing, building and assistance for vacuum evaporators and concentrators: the aim is to provide customers with a customised solution for treating wastewater from various industrial sectors.

The application sectors for our machines are all industrial sectors that discard aqueous solutions with the aim of:
  • Recovering the costly raw materials and demineralised water
  • Concentrating the waste to lower disposal costs
Vacuum evaporators featuring:
  1. Low energy consumption
  2. High distillate quality (reuse or ordinary disposal)
  3. High concentration level
  4. Automatic operation
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Possibility of integrating with existing systems
  7. Possibility of creating zero discharge or open circuit systems
  8. Maximum resistance to corrosion
  9. The use of vacuum concentrators drastically reduces disposal costs and 85% to 95% of the distillate from evaporation can be reused.
Our evaporators and concentrators are between 240 and 120,000 litres/day.

Our constant commitment to the fields of innovation and research, combined with sensitivity for environmental issues, has driven us to develop the Energy Saving line, evaporators with a very low environmental impact. This machinery makes it possible to save up to 40% in electricity with the same treated waste product.

Advantages of Low-Temperature Evaporation


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