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We are committed to technology acquisition and new product research and development and are a professional manufacturer of filter presses and filter plates. From research and development and engineering to manufacturing and after-sales service. And with professional and advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing facilities and strict quality assurance, presses are very reliable, and of the same level as the whole industry. To meet different customers' demands, we have always been continuing the innovations in production technology and quality and after-sales service.

Our filter presses range from 250mmx250mm to 2000mmx2000mm with filtration areas from 2m² to
1460m² and pressure from 4 bar to 16 bar. With the import of technology and equipment, we have developed welded PP membrane plates. We also supply filter cloths, filter plates, control panels, hydraulic power packs, and the like to better serve the customers. We also use our technological advantages to design and manufacture hydraulic power packs and belt conveyors for different equipment. All the above products are widely applied in industries like mining, power, petroleum exploitation, chemical, environmental protection, metallurgy, pigment and dyestuff, pharmacy, food and beverages and so on.

250mmx250mm pilot membrane filter press
800mmx800 mm fully automatic filter press with cloth washing system
1250 mmx1250 mm fully automatic membrane filter with bombay doors drip tray
1250 mmx1250 mm membrane filter press
1250 mmx1250 mm trailer filter press
1500mmx1500 mm fully automatic filter press with cloth washing system
1500mmx1500 mm fully automatic filter press with bombay doors or drip tray and cloth washing system
2000mmx2000 mm fully automatic filter press
Filter Plate
Filter plate is the core part of filter press. It is very crucial to the filter press performance. Our membrane plate is made of imported TPE elastomer and high strength virgin PP. The PP membrane elasticity can compare with rubber membrane plate. The max feed pressure is up to 25 bar. The max squeeze pressure is up to 60 bar. The max working temperature of chamber plate is 95℃ and 120℃ for membrane plate.
Filter Cloth
Our Production Workshop and Quality

Filter Press Case
Project Location: Africa Congo
Industry: Gold Concentrate
Production capacity: handling about 28-30 tons of dry material per hour. 
Equipment operation: The equipment is running well, and the moisture content of
the filter cake is about 10%. 

Project Location: Southeast Asia
Industry: Filter the mixture of syrup and precipitated impurities produced in the
sugar manufacturing process to recover useful syrup. Capacity: Unknown. Equipment operation: The equipment runs well, especially since the material temperature is very high, around 80-85, the specially
customized filter plate can work for a long time under high temperatures.
Project Location: Argentina
Industry: Chemical

Filter Press

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