Automatic Self-cleaning Water Filter

An automatic self-cleaning water filter is suitable for industrial wastewater treatment process, steel mill slag washing water, power plant procedure, and cooling water, paper making procedure and water input, chemical manufacturing and irrigation system and so on.

It can be used to filter all kinds of hard particles with grain diameter from 50um-1000um, thus ensuring the system normal operation.

Working principle
  • Water flows into strainer through an inlet, the impurity particles were intercepted inside the strainer then the filtered water flows out through water outlet.
  • The pressure differential will generate once the dirt accumulated on the inwall of the fine filter. When the pressure difference reaches the pre-set value, the controller will send out indicating signal of opening blowoff valve and starting scanner, sucking nozzle.
  • Then the system starts decompressing &blow off dirt, a stream of strong backwash water generated and flow towards the atmosphere through blowoff valve. It generates suctions inside sucking nozzle.
  • The impurity particles which adsorbed in the inwall of microfine screen flow into sucking nozzles along with flow and outfall through blowoff valve. The scanner keeps rotary and axial moving simultaneously to ensure the cleanliness of the strainer.
  • It'll take 8s~25s for one self-cleaning cycle without interruption of water flow and the loss of water is few. Once the self-cleaning process finished, the valve closed and the scanner moved back automatically. The next self-cleaning cycle will start according to system programming and repeat the above steps.
Manufacturing Material
  • Filter Body: Carbon Steel, Zinch-rich primer, Epoxy Layer/ Stainless Steel
  • Mesh: Stainless steel punching hole meshes
  • Cleaning Device: Stainless steel/ Nylon
  • Down Valve: Cast iron/
  • Seal: PU
Main Features
  • Corrosion prevention character: carbon steel, zinchrichprimer, epoxy coating ;
  • Low-pressure loss: larger filtering area screen alow slow pressure loss;
  • High filtration precision: up to 50 um filtration precision, variety of screens available for your option
  • Uninterrupted water supply: it takes only 30s for self - cleaning process.
  • Few water consumption and no effect on system water flow.
  • Automatic Self Cleaning Function: Intelligent control system to feedback the dirty deposited state of filter, It can automatic self-cleaning once the state reaches to preset value.
  • Diversified Control Mode: Pressure Difference Control, time control, manual control, PLC control to implement cleaning. Providing an early warning signals.
  • Product spec: different DN available for each model, single unit to handle normal working condition, multi-machine parallel connect allows to handle large water flow, large filtering area working condition.
  • Widely application field: industrial water, wastewater treatment, recycling cooling water, and so on.

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