Hanzel Electric Motor, Malaysia

Standard voltages are 380V -420 50Hz and 440 -480 60Hz

The components of the insulation system are selected so as to
ensure good protection against chemically aggressive gases,
vapours, dust, oil and air humidity.
All materials used for insulating the winding and winding ends
correspond to insulating classes F or H according to IEC 60085:
- Enamel-insulated copper wires with temperature index 200
(Class H);
- Insulating sheet on polyester base (Class F);
- Impregnation with fenolic resins modified with polyester resins
(Class H);
Limit temperature for insulating material according
IEC 60085

Parts Description

1. Flinger D.E.
2. Outer bearing cap D.E. with oil seal
3. Bearing D.E.
4. Inner bearing cap D.E.
5. Endshield D.E.
6. Terminal Box
7. Terminal Box lid
8. Terminal Box adapter
9. Removable gland plate
10. External earth stud
11. Stator Lamination pack
12. Rotor Lamination pack
13. Stator frame
14. Inner bearing cap N.D.E.
15. Endshield N.D.E.
16. Fan
17. Fan Cowl
18. Bearing N.D.E.
19. Outer bearing cap N.D.E. with oil seal
20. Flinger N.D.E.

Standard Construction
- Cold rolled silicon steel DW600
- Cast Iron Frame, Endshields.
- Cast Iron Terminal Box.
- Pressed Steel Fan Cowl.
- Cast Iron outer bearing caps with oils seals.
- FAG or Equivalent Bearings
- Dimensions and ratings to IEC 72, AS 1359, BS 4999.
- IP55.
- Top mounted Terminal Box (SM315).
- Terminal Box rotates in 90 deg. increments.
- Drilled and tapped hole in D.E. of shaft.
- Cooling IC411
- B3-Foot mounted.
- B3/B5-Foot and Flange mounted.
- V1-Flange mounted-vertical.

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