Enmech centrifugal fan, Malaysia

Applications for Centrifugal Fan

♦ Ventilating
Forced ventilating, Mine ventilating, Materials ventilating and drying.

♦ Industrial boiler
Blowing air, inducing air, primary air, and secondary air.

♦ Industrial boiler waste gas desulfurization, Industrial boiler flue gas denitrification.

♦ Industrial kilns
Materials delivery of Cement rotary kiln, Lime rotary kiln, Nickel iron rotary kiln, Clay sand rotary kiln, and other various calcining kilns.

Garbage incinerator blowing air, Garbage incinerator inducing air.

Ventilating of cement mill, Coal mill and other large mill systems.

♦ Metal smelting
Blowing air of mineral powder sintering(Sintering machine), Smelting furnace and foundry furnace, Combustion of blast furnace, Blast furnace coal injection, Coal gas boosting and conveying.

♦ Gas and materials delivery
General air delivery, High-temperature air delivery, Combustible gas delivery, Corrosive gas delivery, and Gas mixed with impurity delivery.

Delivery of coal powder, Particle material/ Powder material/ Fragment materials/Fiber materials.

♦ Other
Pressurization and decompression seal of industrial equipment, Recovery of industrial waste gas, Supply air and drying of food and drug production line.

Structure of Centrifugal fan
♦ Impeller Type: Forward blade
♦ Driving Mode: Coupling drivetrain
♦ System Type: Single inlet type, Overhang type.
♦ Cooling Type: Circulating Water cooling/Forced circulation oil cooling.
♦ Bearing Lubrication Methods: Oil bath lubrication/Oil circulating lubrication
♦ Basic Components:
Motor, Impeller, Impeller cone (Air Inlet), Case, Damper, Main shaft,
Bearing, Bearing housing, Pin coupling, Foundation bolt.

♦ Optional Components:
System base frame, Protective screening, Silencer, Inlet & Outlet pipeline compensator,
Inlet & Outlet flange, Damper, Electric actuator, Shock isolator, Diaphragm coupling, Fluid coupling,
Motor rain cover, Temperature sensor, Vibrating sensor, Soft starter, Inverter, Special Electrical Motor,
System monitoring Instrument, Lube system, Overhead lube tank etc.

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