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Model method:
Use conditions:
QJB type multi-functional swirling submersible mixer in the following can be normal run continuously:
  • The highest temperature of the medium is not more than 40 deg C. 
  • The medium pH value is between 5 to 9. 
  • Medium density not more than 1150kg/m3.
  • In the long-term diving operation, the diving depth is generally not more than 20m. 
  • QJB type multi-functional spin streaming submersible mixer compact structure, small volume, lightweight, easy operation and maintenance and long service life. 
  • Impeller water conservancy has the best design structure, high efficiency, and a sweptback blade with a consecrated function that can prevent sundry winding jams. 
  • Aeration systems can be used together to reduce energy consumption, and effectively prevent precipitation. 
  • Unique cable sealing design. 
  • Motor winding for class F insulation, protection grade for IP68, the lubrication-free high-quality bearing has the oil leak detection room and motor winding overheating protection function making the mixer work more safely and reliably. 
  • Two-way independent mechanical seal. 
  • Standard components are electrolytic separation technology, which can help to prevent corrosion.
 Submersible Mixer Performance Parameters 

Hybrid multi-function hydrocyclone
Two vanes type multi-flow hydrocyclone
Submersible Mixer Installation System
Submersible Mixer Flow Field Figure (Selection)

Sales Installation References (Malaysia):
Model : QJB15/12-620/3-480                                                                              
The Main Engine Housing : Made Of Stainless Steel 304,                                          
With Power Of 15kw, Impeller Diameter Of 620mm,                                                  
Rotating Speed Of 480rpm,                                                                                       
Including Standard Parts Such As Guide Rod & Bolt.

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