Enmech Side Channel/ Ring Blower/ Regenerative Blower

Factory view

Enmech Side Channel Blower adopts and Benz wheel like ADC12 materials and high precision high temperature bearings, casting pig iron across the old technology, has a" high, fine, light" and other characteristics, high technology content, energy saving, low carbon, high quality first-class excellent products.

Quality derived from used of SKF NSK products in our blowers.

Every Enmech Side Channel Blower are strictly through Germany, Japan high precision testing equipment testing, high pressure, large flow rate, light weight, no oil pollution, which can maximally ensure the product quality.

■Pneumatic conveying systems
■Vacuum lifting and clamping system
■Packaging and printing equipment
■Bag/bottle/hopper filling system
■Wastewater treatment system
■Air-knife drying
■Food processing system
■Plastic and rubber industry
■Beverage industry
■Timber industry
■Environmental engineering
■Electronics/semiconductor industry
■Pharmaceutical industry
■Hospital and laboratory equipment
■Textile Industry

ATEX motor ,Exd IIBT4 Gb explosion proof ring blower: 

Examples of servicing & repairing works with report done by us: