HiTurbine Turbo Blower, Malaysia (Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower)

The world's top air suspension high-speed motor professional manufacturer. 
Hiturbine (Korea) INC is a famous air suspension centrifugal manufacturer in Korea located in Qingzhou city, Hiturbine suspension technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd is a Joint Venture between Korea and China that invested 10,000,000 USD in Yixing city, Jiangsu Province, China. And the manufacturing area is 22256 square meters. 
Our company is focused on air suspension technology, after 15 years of research and development, We developed the air suspension blower and compressor. They would save 30-50% more energy than other Roots blowers & compressors. Our output is about 5000 sets/year. Customers are welcome to visit our factory and discuss business. High technology, High quality, High efficiency, and Best after-sale service.
Air Bearing Blower & Compressor 

Type: single 
Material: Aluminum 
Flow Direction: Centrifugal 
Pressure: Low Pressure 
Certification: CE 
Trademark: HiTurbine 
Transport Package: Wood Carton 
Origin Korea, China

Industry Application for  Hi-Turbine

The Hi-Turbine centrifuge has been used globally. It has been applied in large-scale industries in Japan, the United States, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and other countries. It has eliminated the traditional centrifuge and compressor commonly used at present. It is the energy-saving and environmental protection centrifuge technology in the future.

Manufacturing process
Daily maintenance 
Maintenance process: Filter cotton 
1) 2 layers of filter cotton, maintenance-free, just replace the filter cotton. 
2) Use Medium Filter to Filter, ash removal rate increased by more than 95%, effectively reducing the damage of impurities in the air to the machine, improving the service life. 
3) Convenient means of exchange
 Hi-Turbine cloud service system 
 1)Through wireless communication components, the system transmits various data of mechanical state information in field operation, including speed, temperature, pressure, flow rate and power, to the headquarters of the manufacturer at any time. 
2)The manufacturer's computer data centre analyzes and processes the running state of the fan at any time. 

The use of wireless communication technology, so that we can provide users with secure remote services at the headquarters. 

Hi-Turbine air suspension blower 5 core advantages 
1) Energy-saving and high efficiency: compared with the traditional roots blower, the ultra-high-speed motor with air suspension bearing can improve the energy-saving efficiency by more than 20%-30%. 
 2) Oil-free maintenance-free: high-speed motor and impeller are directly connected through air suspension bearing, running without any friction, no lubricating oil, no high maintenance cost, no secondary pollution to the environment, is an environmental protection product. 
3) Variable frequency: frequency conversion range: 45% - 100% 
4) Low noise: below 80 decibels on average 
5) Small size: 50% smaller than roots blower of the same specification

Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower




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