Enmech Submersible Aerators (Malaysia)

Submersible Aerator is a essential equipment in aeration basin, it utilize fine or medium bubbles diffuse to provide aeration and mixing to process water. EM-QB submersible aerator is widely used in municipal sewage treatment plant and industrial wastewater treatment plant like paper mill wastewater treatment petroleum & chemical industrial wastewater treatment plant etc.

Invention Patent
QK-QB Submersible Aerator, introducing high-tech from Finland, is a new self-developed submersible type aerator. Patent NO. ZL200910064575.9
Identified as one of the best mixing type aerator in China, with outstanding advantages of no clogging, high adjustability, high oxygen conversion efficiency, easy installation and maintenance without empty aeration basin, more energy saving.

● Higher oxygen conversion rate
● Fast install without empty aeration basin.
● 100% no clogging
● High and stable dynamic efficiency
● Underwater working, noiseless
● Longer life service

Product Structures & Working Principle

The pressured air supplied by blower reach to rotor by air tube, high speed rotor hit and break these air into tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles and water around are shaped to wave curve by strongly mixing force of rotor. The stator channel can ensure the air-water liquid distributed evenly in all kinds of shapes of aerator basin, meantime, strong mixing flow by rotor continuously mix the water, air and activated sludge, which ensures a optimal aeration efficiency.

Model & Parameters

  • Excellent oxygen transfer efficiency, noticeable energy saving; 
Function of both oxygen supply and mixing diffusion, negative pressure zone by high speed rotation improves higher aeration efficiency and energy saving.
  • No-clogging, equipment running stable long-term; 
100% No-clogging, high working performance won't reduce along with service life, no clogging, damaging problems, no daily maintenance, easy install & unload.
  • Deep water installed, stir anti-settling; 
Adopt deep water seal technology, the aerator can working under water 20m, smaller footprint; open impeller design, no need to worry about clogging and sludge settling.
  • Flexible arrangement, easy installation; 
Simple installation can be floating mounted or fixing mounted, solo or combined, stainless steel bearings and polyether bearing sleeve, makes stable working performance and low cost easy maintenance.

Submersible aerator performance comparison

Reference Case
Fiber Mill effluent

Paper Mill effluent

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