Working principle - Automatic Self-cleaning Water Filter

  • Water flows into strainer through inlet, the impurity particles were intercepted inside the strainer then the filtered water flows out through water outlet .
  • The pressure differential will generate once the dirt accumulated on the inwall of fine filter. When the pressure difference reach to the pre-set value, the controller will send out indicating signal of opening blowoff valve and starting scanner, sucking nozzle.
  • Then the system start decompressing &blow off dirts, a stream of strong backwash water generated and flow towards atmosphere through blowoff valve. It generates suctions inside sucking nozzle.
  • The impurity particles which adsorbed in the inwall of microfine screen flow into sucking nozzles along with flow and outfall through blowoff valve. The scanner keeps rotary and axial moving simultaneously to insure the cleanliness of strainer.
  • It'll take 8s~25s for one self-cleaning cycle without interruption of water flow and the loss of water is few. Once self-cleaning process finished, the valve closed and the scanner moved back automatically . The next self-cleaning cycle will start according to the system programming and repeat the above steps.