AIRUS Lobes Roots Blower Applications (Applications by Industry)

Rotary Blower Applications
ROOTS equipment delivers reliable pressure and vacuum solutions for just about any air and gas application you can think of, and some that may surprise you.
A few of the many possible applications for ROOTS blowers are described here. Each diagrammed application indicates the overall layout, major functions and location of the blower within the system. These diagrams are not intended to serve as installation drawings, but merely to serve as an aid in understanding how ROOTS products can be applied as a solution in commercial and industrial applications.

Applications by Industry
Pneumatic conveying: vacuum pick-up of sand for blasting.

Acetylene Plants
Pneumatic conveying of carbide lime; pumping acetylene gas from generators to chemical process or storage.

Instrument and ground control cooling; air leakage test supply for cabin coolers; carburetor testing; engine overhaul check; ground testing of pneumatic auxiliaries; air agitation of plating tanks, cleaning and pickling tanks; air leakage testing of fuselages; altitude chamber testing of instruments.

Pneumatic conveying of bauxite powder from barge to storage; separating aluminum and sand particles by flotation on air.


Asphalt Refining
Oxidation by aeration.

Auto Washing
Air blasting for drying.

Vacuum folding of paper bags; opening folded bags; vacuum pick-up of flaps on envelopes for filling; air supply for bulk material in bag filling.

Pneumatic conveying in plant and from trucks to storage bins.

Bearing Manufacture
Conveying steel chips; heat-treating furnaces.

Conveying malt and grain; bottle and can drying; suction pick-up of bottles and cans for packaging; pumping CO2 for carbonation; vacuum drying of grain.

Buildings, Inflatable
Inflating synthetic rubber buildings for warehouses, shelter, etc.

Pneumatic conveying of sugar, flour and other ingredients.

Carbon Dioxide
Pumping CO2 gas for making dry ice.

Carbon Black
Pneumatic conveying and bagging; combustion air.

Carpet Cleaning
Truck-mounted mobile carpet vacuum service.

Air supply to homogenize bulk cement going into storage bins; fluidizing cement for conveying in batch plant; conveying from truck to storage bins; air slide for bulk cement transport trucks, conveying ready-mixed concrete batch plant to trucks.

Inflating fabric bag form for shirt pressing; vacuum drying.

Rock dusting in shafts, tunnel roofs and walls; air sampling; coal washing; tunnel ventilation; vacuum priming water pumps; dust collection from roof bolt drilling; vacuum drying of coal slurry; coke blowing on vacuum filters; vacuum filtration for refuse from coal washers.

Vacuum pick-up of bottles and cans.

Pneumatic, vacuum, or combinations for materials such as: sands, feeds, cement, salts, coal, cereal, fly ash, gypsum, bauxite, flour, grains, sugar, starch, carbon black; transfer materials from railroad cars, trucks, ships to vats, hoppers and bins.

Creosoting Plants
Air evacuation in vacuum chambers.

Conveying products through tubes to packaging point.

Curtains, Air
Furnaces; heat-treating.

Air cushions or glides by blowing air to facilitate easy movement of flat pieces.

Pressurizing tanks or trucks; evaporation for drying milk; aeration of milk wastes; gentle aeration in bulk storage to prevent butter fat separation; vacuum for milking machines.

Liquor moving; pneumatic conveying of grains; emptying of aging barrels.

Drop Forging
Scale blowing from forges.

Dust Collection
Cleaning bag filters; bag filtration.

Air scavenging; supercharging; air testing.

Drying; conveying; spraying, soil pasteurization.

Aeration of fish tanks, transport trucks, and ponds; prevention of ice formation on ponds; removal of eggs from fish; agitation of washing tanks.

Fluidizing for conveying.

Food Processing
Freeze drying; evacuation of air from bottle or can filling machine; agitation; pneumatic conveying.

Gas Mixing
Proportioning gases in chemical processes.

Gas and Oil Fields
Field repressurization from exhaust gases of gas engines.

Pneumatic conveying; vacuum holding of sheet glass for transfer; evacuation of test chamber; vacuum filtration from grinding and cutting particles; air cooling sheets and molds; blowing water from glass sheets; cooling and tempering air for curved windshields leaving molds.

Pneumatic conveying; air-drying; air circulation; supplying air for fermentation.

Gypsum Board
Pneumatic conveying of bulk gypsum; vacuum for board machine; vacuum lifting of boards for transfer.

Collection and movement of gas from electrolysis process.

Aeration of lakes and ponds for protection against freezing; agitation by bubbling water in marinas, dams, bridges, etc. where freezing may cause damage; aeration of harbors to keep open for navigation; aeration of freezing tanks in ice plants to draw off impurities and to provide clearer cakes of ice; conveying crushed ice into ice bunkers on boats, ships, trucks, and railroad cars.

Blowing insulation into walls.

Iron Foundries
Combustion air; boosting distribution gas pressure; pneumatic conveying and collecting.

Iron Ore Processing
Vacuum filtering to dry iron ore for palletizing; cake blowing; combustion air for palletizing furnaces and for drying wet ore; pneumatic conveying; flotation air; cooling pellets; cooling bearings on palletizing furnaces.

Shirt pressing machines; vacuum drying of clothing.

Combustion air for lead melting furnace.

Machinery Manufacturing
Vacuum for holding material in place for surface planning and grinding; vacuum on chucks for holding material in place; dust collection.

Neon Signs
Gas pressure boosting for torches and ribbon burners; combustion air for torches and ribbon burners.

Non-Ferrous Metals
Aeration of slurry.

Oil Refineries
Asphalt blowing; fly ash conveying; liquid transfer by air pressure; vacuum flashing; pneumatic conveying.

Ore Processing – Non-Ferrous
Copper converters; flotation for separating copper sulphides from waste; vacuum filtration; cake blowing; combustion air.

Packing Plants
Pneumatic conveying; agitation.

Paper Mills
Paper machine vacuum; head box pressurization; pneumatic conveying; waste treatment aeration; paper folding; vacuum pick-up of sheets; air glide or cushion for moving heavy loads on flat surfaces; vacuum cleaning/conditioning of felts; roll heading for wrapping; black liquor recovery.

Photo Processing
Holding photos for drying; blowing water off wet film.

Blowing granules into molding machine; inert gas conveying to prevent contamination of polyurethane; hopper drying of material going to machines; hopper filling; pneumatic conveying.

Agitation; moisture blowing and drying.

Vacuum removal of entrails; agitating water in washing tanks; removal of egg from shells; pick-up of eggs for packing in cartons.

Pumps, Centrifugal
Vacuum priming to lift water into pump.

Paper folding machine; control air glide between rolls; collating; mat drying; vacuum pick-up of sheets.

Pulp Mills
Chip conveying; combustion air; vacuum filtration; pulp drying; black liquor recovery.

Road Construction
Asphalt paver combustion air; convey cement slurry under sagging pavements, etc.

Septic Tanks
Vacuum cleanout of tanks; pressurizing truck tanks at disposal area.

Aeration in activated sludge plants --- industrial, municipal, commercial (hotels/motels/sub-divisions/ships, etc.); separation of grit from sewage; grit channel aeration (prevents settling of grit); pneumatic conveying; dewatering sludge on vacuum filters; recirculation of sludge gas; cake blowing; combustion air for incineration.

Steel Mills
Blast furnace air supply; combustion air for open hearth furnace; oxygen furnace; bessemer converter; cupola blowers; coke oven exhauster; fly ash collectors; vacuum filtration, agitation of ferrous sulphate.

Pneumatic conveying; aeration of storage bins; vacuum filtration.

Vacuum for drawing fluid through bolts of cloth; pneumatic conveying; drying yarn after dyeing.

Tube Systems
Pneumatic conveying

Water Treatment
Vapor compression; water distillation; aeration of streams; lime-neutralization aeration; air flocculation for water purification; saline water de-salinization; salt water de-salinization.