Automatic backwashing filter - ZPG-LZ (Malaysia)

Product alias:
1, automatic backwash filter
2, self-cleaning filter
3, horizontal pipeline filter

The performance characteristics
  • ZPG series filter operation management is convenient, high filtering speed, flushing, simple and reliable, energy saving, backwash ability.
  • Washing sewage process all work normally under full flow, high flow to keep system ready, it is also has a very low pressure drop (less than 0.05-0.1 m water column), to avoid the surface stains caused by low velocity.
  • Filter canister is overall connection on the pipe body, so strength good rigidity, not easy to damage, long service life.
ZPG-IZ/LZ series filter adopts high strength stainless steel wire mesh, with a large quantity, long service life, high washing efficiency, etc.
Electric actuator driven diverter valve plate back flush device durable;
In according to pressure difference and/or timing for automatic cleaning;
Low pressure operation, you can run at 1 bar pressure;
The supply can also according to user requirements with seawater, explosion-proof type;

Application field:
Industrial waste water treatment, steel slag flushing water, power plant circulating water, irrigation system, circulating cooling water system, air conditioning circulating water pipe, industrial municipal piping system purification filtration, etc.

ZPG-LZ product technical parameters:
1. Minimum working pressure: 0.1MPa;
2. Working pressure: 1.0-4.0MPa
3. Filtration precision: more than 1000um;
4. Working temperature: 90 degrees C
5. Input power: AC 240V/50HZ;
6. Control mode: pressure, time control, manual;
7. Cleaning method: through the guide plate backwashing;
8. Cleaning time: 30-60S;
9. Cleaning pressure loss: 0.01MPa;

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