Electronic water processor (DLT-D Type)

Structure and working principle
DLT-D electronic water processor product features
1, Scale removal and prevention, sterilization and algae.
2, Corrosion, rust resistance, water saving.

DLT-D type electronic water processor applicable scope:
1. Central air conditioning system
2. Cndustrial cooling water system
3. Hot water boiler water supply system
4. Drinking water system

DLT-D electronic water processor technical indicators
1. Input power: AC220V/50HZ, working voltage:
<36v 15w="" 600w.="" br="" consumption:="" power=""> 2. To adapt to the water quality: total hardness is less than or equal to 700mg/l (CaCO3). Applicable water temperature: 0 ~105.
3. Working pressure: 1, 1.6Mpa
4. Flow rate is greater than or equal to 2.8m/s,
5. Antiscale rate greater than 98%, removal rate was higher than 98%, the sterilization rate was higher than 95%, the steel corrosion rate less than 0.125mm/a.
6. Effective time period: after being treated for 3 hours.
7. Design life: host 15 years, deputy machine for 20 years.

Performance characteristics
DLT-D type electronic water processor product features
1. High tech - new products and the Ministry of construction recommended products
2. High efficiency --- can improve the heat transfer capacity of more than 25%, heat exchanger equipment can run without cleaning
3. Environmental protection --- take the traditional chemical treatment without two pollution
4. Security --- working voltage is less than 36W
5. Energy saving --- power 15W~600W
6. The efficacy of long - continuous operation in more than 15 years
7. Simple, small size, easy to install, no management

Manufacturing materials
Shell material : Q235/ SUS304 optional
Electrode material: SUS304
Generator type : variable emission
Connecting pipe: Flange / screw
Inside and outside coating:  Alkyd antirust coating
Seal ring: Synthetic rubber, PTFE

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