Strong magnetic water processor (Malaysia)

Structure and working principle

Water is composed of neutral and negatively charged molecules, when the water flows, the positive changes in the positive ion state in the molecular surface and dissolved salts will attract them to the pipeline equipment, due to high potential pipeline equipment to make salt on the surface of the attachment and crystallization fouling.

Tube magnetic water processor with strong positive, firmly bound to dissolved salts and dissolved the existing scale. Water as a conductor, the flow of water through the magnetic field according to Faraday's law will produce static charge, the stronger the magnetic field, the faster the flow rate, the better the magnetic induction, that is, the stronger the charge. Positive magnetic field generated positive and negative magnetic field generating a negative.

The positive field of hard water treatment is very effective, the water molecules are unipolar magnetic flow through the water, change the bond angle, so that the water molecules are positively charged, and greatly enhanced the role orientation, re arrangement of water molecules, which tends to increase the solubility of consistency. Not only enhances the ionic hydration process, reducing the chances of anion binding, and the early formation of scale surrounded by water molecules polarization, which makes it difficult to release water from precipitation and deposition on the surface of equipment, so as to prevent the scale formation.

In addition to the use of electronic binding ability damage scale monopole magnetic field molecules, change the crystal structure and magnetic dipole make water molecule spacing and hydration ability enhancement and surface tension decreased greatly, improve the solubility of the scale, scale loose hard, so that the scale can be gradually fall off, achieve the purpose of scale removal.

Zhang, super magnetic processor under the action of water as the electrolyte, current is formed in the water, because the current in the presence of increased reactive oxygen species (such as superoxide anion radical and hydrogen peroxide, O2 'H2O2' OH, hydroxyl radical ozone O3) activity of the cell wall thinning, cell fluid loss, destruction of the electromagnetic environment of water the survival of bacteria and algae caused by bacteria and algae to death, sterilization function.

In the presence of an external magnetic field, the formation of water pipes and water pipes as the cathode polarization, as anode, pipeline and negative cathodic protection to prevent the formation of pipeline corrosion. Antiscale, sterilization, without sodium ion exchanger, without chemical descaling, without external energy, economy, energy-saving effect is obvious, the use of three months, in addition to scale as the new scale never born. Is a water treatment field of anti fouling products superior performance.

DLT-CN tube strong magnetic water processor applications
  • The circulating water system of central air conditioning the industrial circulating cooling water system
  • The low pressure injection molding system of hot water boiler, steam boiler
  • The industrial washing and dyeing industry, sauna, swimming pool & fountain landscape
  • The aquaculture water magnetizing the garden irrigation, fruit and vegetable cultivation, agricultural irrigation
DLT-CN tube strong magnetic water processor product notes
1. The old system in the installation of three months, no less than two times a day, after the removal of all scale, not less than once a day.
2. Serious scaling system, after cleaning and installation.
3. The newly installed central air conditioning, cooling circulation system two times a month.
4. The optimal flow rate of 1.5~2.5m/s, the best pH value of more than 7.5.
5. Through the magnetic water processor in the water does not allow corrosive substances, especially acidic substances.
6. The general type applies to the total hardness of
7. To adapt to the water temperature 80degC, according to the working conditions of 120oC, 150oC magnetic water processor.
8. See installation instructions. See "outside the tube strong magnetic water processor" installation diagram.

Performance characteristics
DLT-CN tube strong magnetic water processor product features
1. No electricity, no operating costs, no maintenance, no pollution, environmental protection and energy saving products,.
2. The effect is obvious, improve the heat exchange efficiency, energy saving 15%-25%.
3. Long service life, 50 years without demagnetization magnet.

Manufacturing materials
DLT-CN tube strong magnetic water processor product technical conditions
1. To adapt to the water quality: total hardness is less than or equal to 700mg/l (CaCO3).
2. Antiscale rate greater than 98%, removal rate was higher than 98%, the sterilization rate was higher than 92%, the steel corrosion rate less than 0.125mm/a.
3. Working pressure: 1, 1.6, 2.5Mpa.
4. Suitable flow rate 0.6m/s (optimal flow rate 1.6m/s ~ 2.6 m/s).
5. Applicable water temperature: 0 ~80 (-150), high temperature magnetic processor equipment to choose from.
6. Product quality in line with the national industry standard CJ/T3066-1997 magnetic water processor requirements.