DDS - L electric brush type automatic cleaning filter

DDS-L electric brush type automatic cleaning filter function and use:
DDS series of electric brush type cleaning filter suitable for wastewater treatment process, steel factory, power plant slag water flow and cooling water, and water in the paper making process, chemical process and irrigation system and so on, is used to filter out the hard particles of 3500-130 micron particle size, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system.

DDS electric brush type automatic cleaning filter equipment structure and working principle:

  • DDS series electric brush cleaning filter adopts high strength stainless steel wedge, which has the characteristics of large processing capacity, long service life and high cleaning efficiency. 
  • The machine adopts intelligent differential pressure control, timing control automatic cleaning filter. 
  • When the filter pressure reaches the set value or the timer reaches the set time, electric control box, a signal to drive the rotation of the motor, and open the drain valve. 
  • Special cleaning brush suction impurity particles on the screen should be rotated, with the water from the sewage discharge valve, when the filter pressure difference is normal or timer set time after the motor stops rotating, electric discharge valve closed. 
  • In the whole process, material flow, to achieve a continuous and automatic production.

DDS electric brush type automatic cleaning filter performance characteristics:
1 Single flow: 50-1200M3/H, more traffic can be more than a single machine in parallel
2 Minimum working pressure: 0.2Mpa
3 Maximum working pressure: 1.0/1.6/2.5/4.0Mpa
4 Maximum operating temperature: 80
5 Filtration accuracy: 130~3500 micron
6 Control methods: pressure, time, manual
7 Cleaning time: 60s
8 Cleaning speed: 14-20rpm
9 Cleaning pressure loss: 0.01Mpa
10 Control voltage: AC 220V
11 Rated operating voltage: three phase, 220V; 240V /380V; 415V/ 50HZ