Water Treatment Process Description for Cleaning Filter supply in Malaysia

Water Treatment Process Description

The purpose of the media filtration is to reduce the suspended solids and as a result to reduce the turbidity level as required.
The media filter is automatic system, if there is no manual backwash performed by an operator, the backwash will occur automatically once every 24 hours (back wash frequency allowed to changes accordingly to site parameters).

The Water Treatment System is controlled by F16 AC that controls the automatic start/stop of the system.

Main Data:
- Flow Rate:25m3/h
- Medium height: General 40 cm (according to the situation of the project)
- Water consume of backwash Less than 2% of water system process water treatment capacity
Automatic self-cleaning control modeDP, time or manual
Electric control way: AC220V 50/60 Hz overload automatic protection.
Resources of water cleaning : internal resource and external resource optional, you can also choose air cleaning according to your requirement.
Installation way: Installation is very flexible, you can choose to stack up and down, or put them in parallel and you can also put them together in many columns etc.

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