60 LITER LINEAR AIR PUMP (Enmech) Malaysia

Septic Air Pump

The magnetic diaphragm air pump works without any sliding parts but only oil-free components, so the air pump requires no lubrication and it delivers the air without any pollution. It can be applied for wastewater aeration, septic tank, fish, shrimp farm of aquaculture aeration, dental suction or ENT suction of medical application, scientific lab. equipment.

Low noise
High Durability
No oil lubrication
High efficiency
Compact and powerful
Smooth air flow
Simple maintenance

Oxygen supply for fish tanks and ponds.
Waste water treatment aeration and agitation (septic tank).
Ozon equipment air supply.
Low frequency therapeutic equipment.
Air bed.
Bubble bath.
Pneumatic rubber boat.
Air cleaner.
Food and drug processing.
Scientific and chemical instruments.