Biogas blower working principles and Malaysia application.

Biogas power plant and biogas project in POME and Landfill gas ( LFG ) and MSW and waste from agricultural process arisen in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippine and India and Pakistan and Vietnam.
“AIRUS” gas booster blower and vacuum pump has been an optimal choice for Biogas Power Plant, Landfill gas (LFG) Power Plant, Gas Extraction Plants, Oil and Gas Refinery Plant, Steel Plant, Foundry Plant, Metallurgical Plant, Chemical Plant etc.

Based on ZERO leakage by special design, complete sealing and precise machining, “AIRUS” gas booster blower and vacuum pump is focused on conveying special gas: Biogas, Natural Gas, Coal Gas, Semi-water Gas, Methane(CH4), Butane(C4H10), Ammonia(NH3), Carbonic Oxide(CO), Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Nitrogen(N2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S), Hydrogen(H) etc.