Landfill biogas blowers Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc

Municipal solids waste, landfill biogas, biogas power plant and biogas project in POME and Landfill gas ( LFG ) and even waste from agricultural process to generate biogas and utilization are getting popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippine and India and Vietnam.

Here we talk about Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Municipal Solid Waste needs separation and sorting, as well as incineration with heat recovery. Non-combustible and non-biodegradable materials such as glass and metals are removed during the sorting process and can be sold for recycling purposes.

The organic fraction (OFMSW) serves as an excellent feedstock for anaerobic digestion and the produced biogas will be utilized as a valuable fuel for heat and electricity generation.

RDF is a fraction of MSW and consists largely of combustible components such as plastics, paper, rubber, textiles, wood nd other waste, and is suitable as a boiler fuel or combined with other fossil fuels such as coal.

While the productive utilization of MSW is clearly in the national and environmental interest, the potential of converting the various fractions in the MSW stream to energy has motivated AIRUS to offer here complete technical solutions.