Lobes Blower for Metallurgical iron and steel construction

HDSR for Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd

Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. (MCC Group for short) is one of the longest-running iron and steel construction enterprises and the pioneer and main force of the Chinese iron and steel industry.
From the construction of the cradle of the Chinese iron and steel industry Ansteel in 1948 to the construction of WISCO, Baogang, TISCO, Pangang, Baosteel and so on, the Corporation has undertaken the planning, investigation, design and construction of key facilities for the production of nearly all large and medium iron and steel enterprises in China, thereby making it the founder of the 'iron and steel backbones' of China.
In 1982, the Metallurgical Construction Corporation of China was established, officially approved by the State Council and affiliated with the Ministry of the Metallurgical Industry. In December 2008, the MCC Group set up the Metallurgical Corporation of China Ltd. In September 2009, China MCC was successfully listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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