New arrival of fine bubbles air diffusers in our warehouse for customer orders

A new batch of fine bubbles air diffuser, both disc and tube types have just arrived to our warehouse in Balakong, Selangor and ready to deliver to customers.

Enmech Air Diffusers (fine bubbles) can satisfy all your needs in aeration: 

Self cleaning and back flow prevention;

Water stirring and corrosion resistance;

High flexibility. 


High oxygen transfer efficiency. 

High resistance to clogging. 

High resistance to corrosion. 

Wide air flow range. 

Low pressure loss. 

Low energy cost. 

Easy installation. 

Uniform fine bubble. 

Back flow prevention. 

Self cleaning operation.

Intermittent operation capability. 

Cost saving. 


Municipal wastewater treatment. 

Industrial wastewater treatment. 

Clean water treatment. 

Sludge stabilization. 

Wastewater ozone diffusion. 

Aeration of fish ponds. 

Aeration of streams and lakes. 

STRUCTURE Membrane with EPDM or VITON rubber compound. Supporting frame by modled injection of PVC or ABS. T-joint fitting by modled injection of PVC or ABS. Non tearing & non clogging I-shapped slit