Malaysia, Enmech Special Blowers

Enmech Ring Blower: Special Blower Series:

  • Anti corrosion blower 
Application: Anti corrosion blowers are mainly used in environment with corrosive gas or particles.
Advantages: Avoiding corrosive gasses from damaging the blowers, Ensuring blowers to be able to run continuously, increase the service life of blowers.
  • Anti explosion blower
Application: Anti explosion blowers are mainly used in explosive atmosphere environment.
Advantages: The special designed separating structure and flange construction can ensure the gas tightness and the stable operating of the impeller, lower the friction risks between impeller and blower body further increase the service life of blowers; Flexible connecting the motor shaft and impeller drive shaft, connecting the pump body and motor through the flange which can avoid transmission media leaking; better protecting the motor and blower.