Structure and Characteristics of SINAP FS membrane (Malaysia, Asian country)

Excellent chemical stability
SINAP flat sheet membrane use PVDF as material which with very good chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength in nowadays membrane material. It is the most widely used membrane material in wastewater treatment in the world.

Excellent permeate flux and permeate quality 
Pore size of SINAP flat sheet membrane is less than 0.1 microns, and with advanced membrane technology
increase the effective orifice area of the membrane surface then lead to excellent permeate flux and permeate quality.

Excellent fouling resistance
SINAP membrane is an Ultrafiltration-Microfiltration membrane with asymmetric structure. This structure has advantages of low membrane
resistance, good fouling resistance. With the air scour, large particles of pollutants will not enter the membrane. Small particles get into the
membrane will not be stranded in the membrane pore and quickly flow out of the membrane through the large holes.

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