Malaysia Shrimp farms, fish aquaculture roots blowers

Aerator driven by diesel engine (15 hp or 10 hp)

Aerator driven by electric (motor) (15 hp or 10 hp)

Roots blower aerator advantages: 
  • Larger aeration quantity and deeper bottom aeration;
  • Bottom static aeration, uniform aeration, applicable to high density shrimp and fish aquaculture, increase output and quality; 
  • Ensure higher DO content 6 to 8 ppm, accelerate oxidation of harmful chemicals at the bottom of water, improve shrimp and fish living environment and improve survival rates; 
  • Easy maintenance; 
  • Saving 60 to 80% power consumption; 
  • Save more than 10% shrimp and fish feed;
  • Lower investment cost. 

Image above: General design and layout of shrimps ponds.

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