Black Liquor Extracting Machine 2 series in Malaysia

Black Liquor Extracting Machine :  2 Series

Description : 

● This machine is the high concentration of extraction equipment, can be standalone used in tandem, ca also be combined with the use of low concentration extraction equipment such as vacuum washer, horizontal belt washer, spiral net belt pulp washing machine, etc. can play complement each other, better results can improve the extraction rate of 5 percent, significantly reducing COD load of the middle of the water for more than 10%.

 As a high dehydration concentration of energy-saving equipment the aircraft used in the dehydration heat dispersion before the pulp is more suitable. Can save 15% of steam consumption, saving power consumption and significantly improved heat dispersion.

 ● The dryness of cotton pulp can reach 40% of dry pulp, wood pulp is 35%, bagasse pulp is 35%, straw pulp dryness is 33%, so can be widely used in professional pump companies, saving shipping costs.