PAM Automatic Dosing System In Malaysia

PAM Automatic Dosing System

Introduction :
     PAM Automatic Dosing System is a complete set of equipment with dosing, mixing, liquid delivery, automatic control which is widely used in the raw water of the power plant, the water supply of the boiler, the oil ground gathering and dewatering process system, various dosing system of petroleum chemical and wastewater treatment system, such as dosing the coagulant, phosphate, ammonia, lime water, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, bactericide and algaecide.

Features : 
●  High degree of automation, PLC control system, simple and convenient operation.
●  The system is stable and reliable, fault related equipment will stop automatically according to the requirements and give out sound and light alarm.
●  Using single screw feeder to dose powder, speed can be controlled to ensure uniformly and dispersion dosing.
● Under the production volume required and continuous liquid dosing conditions, guarantee the curing time of the prepared solution at about 1 hour. The prepared concentration is of 0.1% - 0.3%.
●  The box body is made of stainless steel material, good corrosion resistance and nice.
●  Using the three tank overflow type solution operations, which makes the equipment simple in structure, small volume, convenient in installation and applicable in the process of dissolving and continuous reagent addition.
● The mixer adopts multilevel special paddle structure design.
●  The pre-mixer accelerates the powder hydration, the water flow can be adjustable.
●  The dry powder addition volume changes with the water flow to maintain a constant concentration.

Principle of works :
     The device is a continuous dosing system that can automatically configure the powder polymer flocculation agent. Dry powder flocculants go into the pre-mixer through the screw propeller to ore-mix with water, wetted material goes into a mixing tank for dilution to the required solution concentration; the prepared solution goes into the storage tank through the mixing tank and the curing tank, when the storage tank liquid level decreases to the middle level, the preparation process restarts. Mixers are quipped inside the mixing tank and the curing of the flocculants. When the system generates alarm, it proves a need to check and repair some part inside the system. The liquid flocculants is directly added into the mixing tank by the screw pump. In the process of preparation, the amount of flocculants is constant while water is added according to the proportion or (the water amount is constant, flocculating agent is added according to the proportion). In order to ensure the solution concentration unchanged during the whole process, the prepared solution goes into the dosing pump through the storage tank, then pumped into the flow meter by the dosing pump for inline dilution, and then into a pipeline mixer to realize the flocculation effect. Dosing device can be designed according to user's different process requirements and configure necessary components to realize automatic remote control function.

Technical parameters :