QB Mixing Energy Efficient Submersible Aerators in Malaysia

QB Mixing Energy Efficient Submersible Aerators

  • Advantages :  
    • ●   Easy to adjust when oxygen transfer
  • ●   Stable α value
  • ●   Easy to install and transfer,no need to empty aeration basin.  
  • ●   No need air cooling
  • ●   100% no clogging
  • ●   High and stable dynamic efficiency
  • ●   Underwater working,noiseless

Introduction :
QB  Submersible Aerator is a essential equipment in aeration basin it utilize fine or medium bubbles diffuse to provide aeration and mixing to process water. QB submersible aerator is widely used in municipal sewage treatment plant and industrial wastewater treatment plant like paper mill wastewater treatment petroleum &chemical industrial wastewater treatment plant etc.    

Working principle : 
The pressured air supplied by blower goes though air pipe and reach to rotor high speed rotor hit and break pressured air into tiny bubbles.These tiny bubbles and water around are shaped to wave curve by strongly mixing of rotor. The stator channel can ensure the air-water liquid evenly distributed in different shapes of aerator basin meantime strong mixing flow by rotor continuously mix the water air and activated sludge which ensures the ideal aeration efficiency.
The negative-pressure while submersible aerator working lead to self priming thus it will lower the air pressure supplied by blower normally this pressure just equal to water height. So it is obviously energy-saving than traditional aerator.   

Technical parameters :