Environmech - Shincci Sludge Dryer System Features

Moisture of Sludge reduced to 10%-50% (adjustable as required)
Weight of Sludge reduced by 80%
Breaking through the traditional technical bottleneck regarding the inefficient reduction of moisture and weight

By originally developed “quadruple-effect dehumidification technology”, the dehumidifying capacity reaches as high as 4.2kg.H2O/kw.h, which is
the world’s leading technology standard
Energy-consumption saved by 50% compared to the traditional drying equipment

No odor emission during the process in a closed cabinet; No need any expensive odor removal equipment
Available to be built inside the factory for sludge centralized processing
The clear condensate water from the drying process can directly drain to sewage pool without any secondary treatment.

No heat waste during the drying process in a closed loop system
No need high temperature heating like the other open-type drying equipment

The running cost of drying wet sludge from 83%
moisture to 30% is only 180 kwh/t

Low processing temperature 40-75℃ in a closed cabinet, no need nitrogenization
Oxygen content <12%, Dust concentration < 60g/m3, Dried sludge temperature <70℃, Outlet Sludge<50℃, no need secondary cooling and can be stored directly

Adopting durable and anti corrosive material to make sure a service life as long as 15 years
Modularization design for easy assembly while saving floor space;
Suitable for any working condition at high or low temperature

With pasteurization (low temperature heating sterilization) at 70℃ drying for 90-120 minutes, it can sterilize over 90% bacteria effectively

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