Disassembly & Assembly for Lobes Blower

Precautions when disassembly.
Make tally marks on all connection and matching location. 
● Take care not to damage the washers in connection location.
● Measure the thickness of all seal packing when removing them.
● Safeguard all the components removed, especial to the bearings, and keep them free from dust or rust.

● Precautions when assembly.
● Check all the disassembled parts for any damage.
● Clean all the components thoroughly.
● Thickness of pads at each location. 
    Replace the pads damaged or lost with new one of same thickness and material.
● Adjusting clearance
   Clearances between the mechanical parts inside the roots blowers are the key factors for maintaining
   its functional performance and normal operation. Do not change the clearances from the original blower 
   assembly clearances tuned by the factory. If clearance adjustment is required after maintenance and repair, be sure to follow 
   the proper procedures from manufacturer.
● Adjusting the clearance between impellers.
   Loose the lock sleeve on the driven gear and gently knock the impellers with wood hammer, mallet or copper bar to adjust 
   the clearance to meet the requirement, and then re-tighten the lock sleeve.
● Adjusting the clearance s between impellers and head-plates.
   Adjust the clearances by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the pad between the positioning bearing and oil flinger.

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