Lubricating oil * Lubricating grease volume for Air Blower

Lubricating oil * Lubricating grease volume

*Lubricating grease volume in the table are only used for reference. When stop filling, oil level shall be at the center of oil level.

*There are two lubricating grease filler openings .

Blower Model HDSR-50 HDSR-80 HDSR-125 HDSR-150 HDSR-175 HDSR-200 HDSR-250 HDSR-300 HDSR-350
HDSR-65 HDSR-100
Lubricating Oil 0.52L 0.78L 1.6L 2.1L 2.1L 3.0L 13L 13L 13L
Lubricating Grease 10g/per hole 15g/per hole 23g/per hole 30g/per hole 30g/per hole 45g/per hole / / /

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