Safety Valve for Lobes Blower

Safety Valve
1. Cautions for Use

The safety valve is designed to work in low pressure condition, so the contact surfaces between valve seal and valve body are 
accurately machined for tight tolerance. If any foreign matter around the valve seat, it will be absorbed on the contact surface 
when valve body is running. And it leads to the air leakage of valve body. In addition, please check if there is any sign of physical 
impact during the transportation.

2. Setting method

Principle: When pressure load is higher than the preset pressure of safety valve, the safety valve will be opened up automatically to avoid 
permanent damage to blower.

2.1 Start up blower according to procedures in 3 .3 and 3.4

2.2 Observe the pressure gauge meanwhile tighten the gate valve, set the pressure 10% higher than rated pressure.

2.3 Loose the lock nut and turn the adjustment screw in a counterclockwise direction until air is discharged out of the safety valve.

2.4 In the process of tightening the gate valve, if safety valve has discharged air before pressure reaches the setting value, turn the
      adjusting screw again in a clockwise direction to the position until the air stop discharging, and then turn i t again in an opposite 
      direction until the air is right about to start discharging. (Clockwise rotation makes the pressure setting higher while counterclockwise
      rotation lowers the pressure setting)

2.5 Tighten lock nut to secure the setting of adjustment screw.

2.6 Loosen the gate valve to reduce pressure and the safety valve should stop discharge air.

2.7 Check if the safety valve operates under the desired pressure setting by tightening the gate valve once again.

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