Trouble Shooting And Solution Guide for AIRUS 3 Roots Blower

Trouble Shooting & Solution Guide : Blower Faults




Failure Cause





No rotation


 Can be rotated by hand


 Motor damage


Maintenance or change the motor



Unable to rotate by hand


Rotor is blocked up


Dismantle to repair


Containing the sundries


Dismantle to repair

Abnormal sound or vibration


Slipping, V belt is too tight or too loose


Adjust the tension of V belt



Belt pulley is not correct


Adjust the belt pulley


Belt pulley rubs against the belt cover


Adjust the belt cover


Lack of bearing oil or aging


Change the oil


Lack of gear oil or aging


Change the oil


Air leakage of safety valve


Adjust the safety valve


Subgrade is not strong enough


Strengthen the subgrade


Tubing resonance


Eliminated through muffler and bracket


Exhaust pressure is rising abruptly




Foundation bolt is too loose


Screwed up


Rotor interference


Dismantle to repair


Have sundries inside the machine


Dismantle to repair


Check valve is damage


Change it

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