Malaysia Nopon Air Diffuser, Brand: Nopon

ABS Nopon disc diffuser system PRK 300 & PRF 300    

Diffuser data

Design air flow range

1,5 -8,0 m³/h/diffuser (x

(+20°C ; 1013 mbar)

Diffuser level

250mm (xx

Air temperature, max

+ 80°C

Max/min assembly depth

3 – 8 m (optimal) (xxx

Diffuser diameter

336 mm

Disc surface area

0,060 m2

Size of bubbles

1 – 3 mm

Diffuser weight

1,42 kg

Max/min interval, c/c

1,25 / 0,4 m

x) When waste water contains chemicals harmful to EPDM or when water temperature is 
>30°C or air temperature is close to 80°C, a lower maximum air flow should be used. 
A peak value of 10 m3/h can be used for max. of 15 min only e.g. for cleaning the membrane.

xx) Recommended measure from basin bottom to diffuser top

xxx) Consult ABS on depths outside the range

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