Malaysia Nopon Air Diffuser, Brand: Nopon

ABS Nopon disc diffuser system PRK 300 & PRF 300

Membrane disc diffusers for reliable and energy-efficient fine bubble aeration of tanks in wastewater treatment plants. 
Suitable for normal continuous aeration systems as well as where intermittent aeration is required, e.g. biological nutrient
removal and SBR processes.

* Self-cleaning EPDM membrane with slits
* Membrane is fixed by a bayonet type screw-on ring
* Very rigid two part design
* Sliding ring of anti friction material helps in expansion and contraction of the membrane
* Elastic non-return valve
* Two part design provides easy and reliable service
* ABS Nopon wedge piece fixing to the pipe means that no glue, solvent or welding is needed in assembly
* Thread based fixing available as an option
* Sliding ring aids in opening the diffuser for maintenance after many years of operation
* Wedge piece fixing makes it easy to increase, decrease or relocate diffusers when process requirements change
* Applicable to various pipe materials and dimensions
* Inlet air temperature is up to 80°C

The PRF retrofit upgrade disc upgrades Nopon DDS diffusers with diameter 215 mm to 300 mm.

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