Malaysia Nopon Air Diffuser, Brand: Nopon

ABS Nopon disc diffuser system MKL 215

Porous disc diffusers for reliable and energy-efficient medium sized bubble aeration of tanks in wastewater treatment plants.
Suitable for continuous aeration systems even in aggressive types of wastewater.

* Low loss high density poly-ethylene porous disc
* Porous disc is fixed by a threaded screw-on ring
* Elastic non-return valve
* ABS Nopon wedge piece fixing to the pipe means that no glue, solvent or welding is needed in assembly
* Thread based fixing available as an option
* Wedge piece fixing makes it easy to increase, decrease or relocate diffusers when process requirements change
* Applicable to various pipe materials and dimensions
* Suitable for deep basins
* Inlet air temperature is up to 80°C
* Possibility for future increase of aeration capacity by installing 300 mm PRF retrofit discs on existing MKL bodies.

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