General , Motor & Shaft for High Pressure Aerator in Kuala Lumpur (Environmech Sdn. Bhd.)

Each aerator shall consist essentially of a motor, drive shaft, impeller directly driven at constant speed, and an integral flotation unit, which shall support the weight of certain accessories that may be added. All wetted metal parts shall be of corrosion resistant materials, and shall not require painting.

The electric power unit is the heart of the machine, and is located above the high-density spray-diffusion zone to minimize its exposure to the nature and contents of the pumped liquid.

The motors are Weatherproof Chemical Service, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) 3 phase. These motors utilize a highly refined non-hygroscopic class B insulation system, in addition to which motor housing drains are provided to drain off internal condensation.

Shaft is one piece from the upper bearing through the Impeller.

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