Application for 4"Automatic Self-cleaning Disc Filter supply in Malaysia (Environmech Sdn. Bhd.)

Application for 4"Automatic Self-cleaning Disc Filter





Circulating cooling water treatment

Cooling water equipment, instruments and products

It can solve the blockage problem effectively and reduces energy consumption and dosing amount too and prevent from stopping caused by trouble and reduce the expense of system maintenance


Steel and iron, power plant, petrochemical, plastic, running water primary filtration, machinery, etc.

Membrane water treatment

Membrane system protection

The purpose of protecting precision element of filter and prolonging its life can be reached.

Irrigation water filter treatment system.

Water Treatment

Spraying water treatment, protection granulated substance ponders, filter element, filter pocket, ion-exchange reactor, etc.

Save total amount of water used and improve the quality of water and reduce or avoid sewage discharging directly to lead environmental pollution.

Electric power, chemical, automotive, paper-making and other industries

Seawater filtration

Pre-treatment of seawater desalination

Remove impurity and microorganism in seawater. The property of salt resistant and anti-corrosion of plastic filter is better than metallic filter with expensive cost. And prolong its life.

Water treatment, irrigation water filter treatment system.

Other chemical fluid

Solvent, emulsion, etc.

Meet the production requirements. Protect equipment.

All industries

Drip irrigation filtration

Cotton, fruit trees drip irrigation filter

Protect drip outlet

Large areas of crops land

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