CAF900 series automatic electric filter (Malaysia)

CAF900 series automatic electric filter

● Nominal flow per unit : 1700m3/h
● Maximum operating pressure : 10bar (150psi), 16bar, 25bar
● Pressure loses during the cleaning : 0.1bar (2psi)
● The highest working water temperature : 65℃ (149°F)
● The range of filter fineness : 10-3000um
● Water volume self-cleaning needed : 45L
● Self-cleaning time : 15seconds
● Self-cleaning control mode : PLC controller
● Electronix xontrol mode : Three-phase, 0.37KW
● The type of filter screen : 316I woven mesh, wedge-shaped metal-mesh

CAF900  series-  High-quality goods solution

● Max flow rate : 1700m3/h
● The filter has big filter area and good effect
● Wide range of applications
● Maximize energy savings : water and electric
● Back flushing water : 45L/time
● PLC controller, It can realize remote control, operation

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