Process principle of the automatic self-cleaning filter supply in Asia

Automatic electric self-cleaning screen filter

Process principle of the automatic self-cleaning filter (b)

Water enters into  the entrance. Firstly,  the primary strainer filters  out the larger 

particles of impurities,  and  then  reaches  the  fine  strainer.  In  the  process  of 

filtering,  fine  strainer gradually accumulates  impurity in  the water  and forms a 

filter impurities  layer. Due  to the accumulation of  impurities layer  inside, the  two

sides  of the  fine strainer  form a  pressure gradient.  When the  pressure  gradient 

reaches  the  default value,  self-cleaning will  begin.

During this time,  the clean water continuously supplies,  cleaning valve opens, the  

pressure within the  clean room and sewage-absorption  decline at large  amplitude,

through pressure gradient between the  filter cartridge and  the sewage pipe, sewage  

pipe and cleaning  room form suction  through the  suction nozzle,  thus complete  a

suction  sewage process. At  the same time,  power  motor driven  absorption sewage 

pipe  rotates along  the axial.  Sewage suction  machine's axial  movement  and rotation 

during  the  entire filter  clean  the  surface completely. The entire  washing process takes

several seconds. Sewage  valve closes after the washing. Filter prepares for the next wash cycle.

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