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Construction introduction 

Surface aerator consists of motor, driving shaft, axial-flow type impeller, and floater. The motor and impeller are co-axially connected and rotate at constant speed. The floater supports the entire body.

Motor and shaft : The electric motor is installed above the water spray range, which is TEFC type, F class insulation, 3Ø, 50hz/60hz, the protection grade is IP56. The shaft is made of stainless steel.

Impeller : The impeller is made of stainless steel. The impellers are uniquely designed to achieve maximum hydraulic transmission while motor is guaranteed to be free from over-load.

Floater : The floater body is made of reinforced fiber glass, inside of which is filled with high density polyurethane (PU) foamed plastics. The mooring holes transfer tensions among the mooring cables.

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