Product Feature for Air suspension single stage centrifugal blower supply in Kuala Lumpur area (Environmech Sdn. Bhd.)

Product Feature for Air suspension single stage centrifugal blower 

1. High efficiency and significant energy saving.
- The high efficiency impeller and the super high speed motor adopt the direct connection of the air bearing to remove the gear box and lubrication system, without mechanical contact, no vibration, low noise, no need for sound insulation. Using BLDC motor and variable frequency speed control system, adjust the speed control flow and pressure, and maintain high efficiency in the range of working flow of the fan.

2. save space and reduce investment in ancillary facilities.
- The smallest wind machine room area; The equipment has light weight, simple foundation construction and no lifting device for installation. At the same time, you can choose the convenient arrangement mode according to the need, such as blowing the blower room directly on the aeration pool, saving the pipeline investment and reducing the loss of pipe resistance.

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