(Reclaimend water reuse series) DAF Dissolved Air Flotation supply in Malaysia

DAF Dissolved Air Flotation

Treatment capacity : 10 - 80m3/h
Scraping unit motor : 0.37 - 0.75kW
Air compressor motor : 1.5 - 3kW
Material : Carbon steel corrosion / SS304

Application : 
Mainly used to remove solid suspended matter, grease and various colloidal substances in all kinds of industrial and municipal sewage, also can be used in oil refining, chemical engineering, brewing, vegetable oil production, slaughtering, electroplating, printing and dyeing and other industrial wastewater and municipal sewage treatment.

Features : 
Compact structure, less footprint;
Lower energy consumption, saving 50%;
Lower chemical consumption, saving 50%;
High consistency scum, up too 4%;
Higher effluent quality, SS removal rate ≥ 95%, insoluble COD removal rate ≥ 70%.

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