Transit,deposited,safekeeping for Decent Fan Blower suppliers at Kuala Lumpur


All the fans have checked out with centre emendation,balance,running.Then was qualified to leave factory,so the client must pay attention to abrade and distortion during transit.

1) Check the parts
Check the fans whether or not have damnification,distortion,consummate paint.
Check the parts and spare parts.

2) Hoist and transit
Please use the hook when transiting,perching and hoisting. 
When hoisting fission casing and rotors,fill in with soft where the rigging and work piece
touched,especially the impeller and shaft.Otherwise will debase the precision of balancing,result in the fan shaken. 
Pay attention to fix the rigging for the brass lubrication nipples are vulnerable. 
The move of equipment brings large impulsive force of shaft and impeller,please advert it. 

3) Safekeeping
The fan should be placed at the ventilation place,dry location before installation, periodic check it,so avoid rustiness and scythe. 
During the keeping period,insist on twice jigger per month at least,10 turns every time and stop at the point of over 180 ° .At the same,pay attention to the degree of bearing
lubrication.Secondly.sometimes of open and close the rotor such as adjustable door,if
necessary,limit the lube in order to prevent rustiness.
To check the lubricate after open the bearing cover if the fan haven't run for a long time,add the new lube if necessary.

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