Blower Installation for Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower supply in Selangor

Blower Installation

1.1.6 In order to remove, reassembly and maintenance the blower easily, some space around the installation site should be reserved. A certain distance should be maintained between blowers/wall.
For the specific dimensions, please refer to the following table: 
1.1.7 If installation location of the blower is high from ground, user should install stairs or other devices that are convenient for maintenance at the installation site.

1.1.8 If installation ground is uneven, foundation construction is required. In the installation site, it is necessary to consider in advance whether the bottom bearing can bear the weight of the equipment, and also ensure that the equipment is not affected by the vibration of other equipment. Always make sure the ground is level beforehand.

1.1.9 Install the equipment on a horizontal surface such as a concrete base. If you are worried about the change of machine position caused by external vibration, connect anchor bolt and bracket to fix the machine to the ground. Adjust level (front, side) and fix motor foundation bolt. 

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