Cleaning Process for Cleaning Filter supply in Kuala Lumpur


- The cleaning process is a backwash that has to be performed when the pressure difference reaches 5 m / 0.5 bar or according to a preset timetable. The backwash process is done by shutting the inlet of the filter with the 3-way backwash valve.

- This creates a situation where the water enters via the outlet. The water flows from the bottom all the way through the media and drains out via the inlet and through the 3-way backwash valve to the drain.

- The cleaning process is embedded in the functioning of the filter. This process when done in a timely and accurate method allows maximum effectiveness in filtration and contributes to the long life of the product.

- As a part of the filtration process,the media is filled with the contaminants that have been trapped, by design, in it. If unattended to, this accumulation of dirt will cause partial clogging of the filter. A clogged filter, in turn, is unable to stop the dirt and the water flow may literally push the dirt through the media. This situation is more likely to occur when the pressure difference
across the filter is higher than 5 m /0.5 bar ∆P.

- Therefore, as part of ongoing routine operations, we clean the filter. In order to clean the filter, we change the direction of water flow and cause the flow to pass through the filter from the "bottom up" throughout the media.

- This process needs to be performed at a flow speed which will cause the media to float and "shake" or move inside the filter. With this floating and shaking, the dirt will be "shaken" out of the media and flushed out of the system with the upstream water flow.

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