General Introduction for F600 Series Gravel Filter supply in Selangor (Environmech Sdn Bhd)

F600 Series Gravel Filter

General Introduction
This Water Treatment System supplies 25 m3/hr of treated water using media filtration system.
The parameters for operating the Water Treatment System were designed to assure long and
stable operational time of the system and should not be changed.

Changes in the quality of the feed water may make it necessary to update the parameters. Therefore
it is important to frequently once a week sample the feed water and consults with FILTRASCALE
Filtration and Water Treatment Ltd. staff as necessary.

Gravel filtration is a process where water, contaminated with silt, sand and organic materials flows
through a media of small gravel at a relatively slow rate. These systems have an effective and
efficient design whose high quality filtration and easy/efficient backwash mechanism ensures the
user of a consistent, credible water supply for the long term.

The F600 Series Gravel Filters have been designed to provide high quality and cost effective filtration
solutions for water with a high contamination of organic material and algae.

For agricultural applications, the gravel media in the filter is provided in a layer of 40 cm depth. This
means that when the water passes through the media, most of the dirt is trapped on the upper
surface of the media while small particles of dirt and other floating organic materials are trapped
along the way on the media particles. The end product water is therefore free from dirt and will not
clog or disrupt irrigation accessories.

The F600 Series Gravel Filters are manufactured and available with a full scale of filtration surface
sizes allowing for flexible design of filtration systems. The scale of filtration surface sizes is
appropriate for any required flow rate ranging from small properties to large farms.

The filters can also be used with single or media such as volcanic gravel, granite, quartz sand, active
carbon anthracite and other types of catalytic media.

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