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Mechanical & Hydraulics for Auto Cleaning Self Filter
The water treatment system contains electrical components and may be an electrical shock hazard; therefore, do not place tools, nuts, screws, etc., on any part of the system.

Do not adjust the bolts on the water treatment system pressure vessels and flanges, unless qualified to do so.Bolts tightening have been factory adjusted to a specific setting and tampering may result in permanent damage to the water treatment system. If required, bolts must be tightened according to a specific procedure. 

Provided proper FILTRASCALE maintenance is practices. The appropriate pressure for each step of the process is being supplied, and over pressure is not exceeded, the system should not leak.

Should a leak occur, in order to resume safe operation quickly, remove the leaking parts from service and operate with the remaining' parts if it is possible.

The FILTRASCALE Water Treatment involves the transmission of huge quantities of water through various sizes of piping and internal components. Improper manual operation of this system can cause physical damage to the unit and may eventually cause personnel injury should a leak occur at high pressure.

1. Make sure all piping is adequately supported and anchored.

2. Always make sure outlet valves are open before opening inlet valves to prevent over-pressurisation of the system.

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