Methods of installation for Decent Fan Blower supply in Southeast Asia (Malaysia)

Methods of installation

Though the fan and the motor has proofread before leave factory,you should proofread again
after the fan will installed on the base because of transit and the flexible distortion of the base.

1. Emendation
- Common Circumstances

a) In principle,the fan plane takes benchmark with shaft,but when the axial fan will be installed by
standing type,the plane also takes benchmark with cover of impeller.

b) Check the plane with gradient after park the fan on the smooth concrete base,calibrate the
plane with gaskets among the fan and the base,then fill the grout.At the same time,fill the grout
into the prepared bolts jolts beforehand,and fix up the bolts vertically. 

c) Tighten the basal bolts equably,or else will lead excursion of the shaft centre and spathe of the bears. 

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