Start up & Notarised the running for Decent Fan Blower Kuala Lumpur supplier

Start up
Startup after insures the order of fan system,electric system and other machines.Turn on the
switch,turn off after 3-6 seconds,insure the turning,liberation and sound are correct.

In this instantaneous running.examine and repair according to forward narrate if there's
abnormity,then start up again. 

The electric current has 5~7 times to rating electric current of fan and motor when startup,then debase gradually.lf the electric current will debase very slowly,you should check the electric system. 

Notarised the running
If necessary,open or close the adjustive door slowly after you got the value on the amperometer.
a) Mark the electric current and voltage
b) Check the liberation,temperature and sound of bearings.

During a week from the fan startup,please pay attention to the follows;
a) Friction of rotors; Between impeller and inlet;Between impeller and casing;Between shaft and casing.
b) Swing of shaft joint
c) Deflection of foliose regulating valve.
d) Others - Inhalation of varias; Vibration of fan self.

Check the bearings with its lubricator withal.

For the high temperature fan without jigger, shut down the system when the inside temperature reduce to 100℃. 

The performance cannot be changed through increase rotate speed.Otherwise brings accident.

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