Operating Principle & Application for Side Channel Blower (Kuala Lumpur)

Operating Principle
The machine works on the impulse principle, i.e. Kinetic energy is transferred from the impeller to the conveyed medium and then is converted into pressure.
The change in pressure is made without the use of any lubrication whatsoever.

Lubrication a dry running machine (process chamber).
Risk of damage to the machine!
  • Do not lubricate the process chamber of the machine with oil or grease.
The machine is intended for the suction and/or compression of air and other dry, non-aggressive, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive gases.
Conveying of other media leads to an increased thermal and/or mechanical load on the machine and is permissible only after  a consultation with ENVIRONMECH.
The machine is intended for the placement in a non-potentially explosive environment.
The machine is not capable of maintaining ultimate pressure. The minimum allowed ulti-mate pressure is to be read from the nameplate of the machine.
By means of process control and/or vacuum relief valves it must be made sure that the minimum allowed ulti-mate pressure will not be under run.

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